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You know your business is destined to make an IMPACT, but you’re stuck wondering where to begin to make it all work. I get it because I've been there. I also know how it can change.

My simple to implement system took me from being an unfocused and exhausted entrepreneur working over 80 hours a week to a powerful #girlboss with a clear business plan that set me up for success in ALL areas of my life! 

Today is the day you can stop staring at the never-ending to-list and start checking it off using my proven system for managing your time effectively.

Or in other words... end the daily grind and manage your time in a way that brings results to your business.  


Does it seem like no matter how much you work on your business there’s just not enough time in the day to make it all happen?

Every morning, you sit down with an enormous task list and you swear to yourself I’ll get it all done. “I got this”… and then, at the end of the day when the night hits you finally realize you’ve accomplished little to nothing to reach your business goals. 

Have you bought books and trainings hoping you’d grow your business more effectively.. and it's not clicking?

You have BIG dreams. But, what if the only key you were missing wasn't another book or training on the same thing but... more time in your day to actually APPLY what you have learned? That’s what my system will give you – more time.

Do you have the freedom you’ve always wanted now that you finally own your business?

You’ve realized the dream of ditching the 9-5 actually never happened because now you’re working 9-9 some days sneaking business time in every chance you get. You keep glued to your social media accounts wondering if you’ll miss an opportunity.

How’s your personal life these days as you try to mange it all?

Personal time? That sounds nice but right now it seems impossible. There's just too much to get done. If anything, an extra hour of sleep would be GREAT - you’re exhausted and stressed because you’ve stayed up way too late trying (again) to finish that “one last thing”. 

Doesn't quite sound like the ideal freedom-based entrepreneurial life, now does it?

It’s time to be honest with yourself, and it’s totally ok to admit you need support to quit spinning your wheels getting nowhere. It isn’t your fault, and – you don’t have to struggle with the plan alone anymore. 



Hey there fellow #daydreamachiever! I'm Jessica Rodriguez - a Success and Productivity Coach for female entrepreneurs who are ready to maximize their time in order to grow their income and impact in their online business.

A few years ago, I was just like you. In fact, I was once ready to throw my hands up and walk away from my first online business. I was sick of feeling pulled in every direction as I tried to build the dream I had wanted for so long. The success I had achieved seemed meaningless. The money, the awards, the "Internet fame"—nothing mattered anymore. To make a painfully long story short, I became burned out and uninspired.

The problem back then was I had allowed others to define success for me and in doing so had made the same mistake many entrepreneurs make. I confused working hard with “success.” And in doing so, had no real plan to get me to my goals. It was time to learn how to work smart. So I learned how to set up a solid business foundation and a real system for success by tapping into the power of focused action over unwanted distraction.

With the right system in place, everything changed.

Owning a business is a skill. The great thing is any skill can be learned, including time management.

I have now created multiple successful online businesses and helped hundreds of women live life on their own terms, all by working smarter rather than harder.

I enjoy personal and financial freedom and live life on my own terms now. But most importantly I help people, like you, design a freedom-based lifestyle, too.

If you're ready to get off the treadmill in your business, focus your time, and produce real results, I have the perfect solution.


In my Distraction to Action Master Course, I show you step by step everything you need to know to break free from an overwhelming to-do list and create a schedule for your life and business that allows you to cut the busywork, work less, and live free from unwanted stress.

You don’t need to burn out to achieve success.

There’s absolutely no reason to stop taking care of yourself and those around you as you strive for your goals.

There's a better way. And it ACTUALLY WORKS.

In as little as two hours, I can teach you everything you need to know to regain freedom from the business drudgery in your life!

Learn how to quickly and easily define what you should do to achieve the business results you desire and create a focused schedule based on the life you want to live with those you love.


Here's a quick look at the freedom-producing business journey you’re about to begin.

MODULE1: Mindset for Success

Learn how to set a strong foundation right from the beginning, one that helps you navigate one of the biggest pitfalls keeping entrepreneurs tied to the hamster wheel.

MODULE 2: Setting a Priority-Based Lifestyle

Identify the true priorities in your life and evaluate how they relate to and influence your current actions. Prepare to live life focused on what means most to you.

MODULE 3: Where is Your Time Going?

Get laser focused on where you spend your time each day and determine what activities contribute to business goals and which ones don’t. Learn how to clear nonessentials from your life and achieve the balance you deserve.

MODULE 4: Break Free from "Busy"

See how a simple math formula can “super clarify” your schedule. Set your hours based on your business priorities, not someone else’s.

MODULE 5: Roadmap for Success

Learn my personal secret weapon for living life by your own design as you develop your own “success roadmap” to achieve your goals in ALL areas of life.

MODULE 6: Freedom-Driven Schedule 

Set up your new weekly schedule with ease as you apply all the previous training into your calendar. Find simplicity in a new to-do list focused on impact and results rather than busywork as you release any prior stress and begin to live a true freedom-filled life!

BONUS 1: Outsourcing 101

Learn exactly how I delegate and outsource in my businesses without breaking the bank and save time every day, how working from your strengths and hiring for your weaknesses will skyrocket your income and how to find the right people for your personal dream team no matter where you are!

BONUS 2: Rock Your Social Strategy

Create a content calendar for your social media presence that gives you a foolproof, easy-to-follow plan for each month. Avoid wasting hours aimlessly looking for content to share by implementing my top time-saving tips as you engage with your followers and gain new ones without being glued to your phone another minute!


What to Expect:

  •  You'll know how to schedule your day for success without leaving any goals behind. Learn why previous attempts at scheduling have failed and how to set things up right every time to eliminate being pulled between your business and personal lives.
  •  You’ll no longer feel confused and overwhelmed when you look at your to-do list every morning because you’ll know how to set up a high-performance task set that helps you get more done in less time.
  •  You’ll have a clear view of your income-producing activities, and you’ll get beyond the dreaded “income plateau” by defining exactly what brings in the most and focusing your time on that area.
  •  You’ll learn how to adopt a “delegation mindset” that will save you hours each day by outsourcing—even with a small budget—easily done tasks to others.

This is your time to step into the business and life you know you were meant to have.

"Before working through the training my business was very flat and not producing very much.. but I am now able to prioritize and plan MUCH better in order to be productive!!"

Sony Gorkowski, Ohio

"Before going through the program my business was at a standstill. Upon completing the course I am now able to organize my business better and delegate what I need to!"

Shannon Antonellis, Maryland

HAVE QUESTIONS? Great! I've got answers.

Q: I'm at the early stage of my business. Is this training right for me?

A: Yes! This training will help you set structured work hours for your business and identify exactly what to do during those hours to maximize time and income right from the beginning.

Q: What happens when I sign up? Is the course delivered on a certain timeline?

A: Magic! Ok, well not really but it will feel like it after you get started. After your purchase , will get access the the ENTIRE course (including all bonuses!) with your own membership log in, via e-mail. This means you can get started right away or even knock out the entire course in just a few days! area

Q: I’ve tried to stick to a schedule a million times without any luck. How is this different?

A: I go beyond the typical how-to process and show you how to align and manage your time for REAL life rather than the “if everything goes right all the time” cookie-cutter life. This training takes into account your unique situation and gives you clarity on the tasks that will produce income for your business. You can say goodbye to busywork that doesn’t produce lasting results.

Q: What if I'm not able to start right away?

A: Vacation? Business event? No problem! These training materials are yours for LIFE! You can go through the content and apply the action items at your own pace.

Remember, you get instant member-only access to all this for just one easy payment of $97! 

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